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What is a commercial solar PV system?

Commercial solar is considered “distributed generation,” meaning that the energy produced by the system is used at or near the point of generation. Distributed generation projects, such as rooftop or ground-mounted residential solar, are usually connected to the local electric grid.

The Role of an Electric Switchboard in Power Flow

Electrical power systems work as power is sent from the utility provider which then in line moves through an electric switchboard. That switchboards then relays the electricity throughout a number of circuits. The power is then moved to feeders and then distributed to locations throughout the reach of the power grid.

An electric switchboard is an electrical device that distributes electricity from one electrical source to another electrical source. It is a major component used in power distribution process. It is made up of several electric panels. Each electric panel contains switches that redirect electricity. An electrical switchboard is a single large panel or can be a combination of electrical panels on which switches and other power control equipment are mounted. The main purpose of the board is to control the flow of power. It divides the main current supplied to it into several smaller chunks and distributes it to the devices. In precise, switchboards supply power to transformers, panels, and other equipment and from there power further gets distributed.

An electrical switchboard gets power supply from a power generator or any other major power source. The operator working on controlling a board must be protected from electrocution. This is provided by fuses and switches mounted on the board. The amount of power received by switchboards must be equal to the amount of power distributed by them. There are controls which monitor this power distribution process. There are several load sharing controls, plus gauges mounted on the board to control power supply.

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