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Develop a Responsible and Dynamic Workforce by Offering your Employees the Convenience of Charging at Work.

With proper workplace charging implementation, employers can help increase the convenience and affordability of driving electric for their employees. Workplace charging can demonstrate leadership in adopting advanced technologies.

Employers and workers can find resources on planning, organizing, and executing successful and educational workplace charging events in the Clean Cities Workplace Charging Toolkit.

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Attract and Retain High-Value EV-Driving Customers.

Gain a competitive edge as a sustainable green business and attract high-value customers with your custom-branded chargers that are visible on EV charging maps. Delight your guests with a seamless charging experience and providing superior quality and the best service.

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Attract New Customers and Gain a Competitive Edge.

Gain a competitive edge as a sustainable green business. Establish your business as a leader in the green movement to help elevate your brand, win the loyalty of customers, and attract top talent in your industry. Delight your guests with a seamless charging experience. Offering public EV charging is a great way to get access to a whole new customer base.

Modern business is ultra-competitive, so why not get a clear differentiator for yours?

Business owners who advertise their new public EV chargers routinely report an increase in foot traffic and public perception.

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Rapid Charging

Attract High-Value Customers who Stay Longer and Spend More.

Why choose rapid charging for your EV? When you use a rapid charger, even just 15 minutes of charging would usually give you a 30-40 mile range – often more than enough to get you home. That makes them super-convenient, reducing “range anxiety” and making the idea of having an EV much more appealing for many of us.

You’re also much more likely to use a rapid charger on a long journey than a shorter one… so it’s a great opportunity to stretch your legs, grab a hot drink, and nip to the loo while you wait.

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Fleet Charging

Build a Sustainable Business by Electrifying Your Fleet.

Gain a Competitive Edge by Maximizing the Efficiency of Your EV Fleet. Ensure your EV fleets are always ready to go and operational when needed. Maximize your profitability and sustainability goals by leveraging data from across the charging ecosystem.

Scale and future-proof your EV fueling fleet operation with one complete solution. Design to implementation to energy optimization, start transforming your fleet today.

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